Welcome to Restaurant James Randall!

In a world growing with unrecognizable ingredients on restaurant menus, you can always count on us to be like your favorite pair of comfortable jeans and the 15-year-old T-Shirt that’s as soft as…We don’t go from 0-60 in 10 seconds, and we don’t have iPads in place of a real paper menu. We do follow the path into the garden of un-processed, never frozen, and house-made ingredients, prepared simply and cooked properly.

Executive Chef Ross Hanson, ~ Ross, has been intrigued by food, flavors, and experimentation since he was very young. This curiosity led him to the Califonia Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where many encouraged and valued him as a favorite student. After graduating, Ross moved to Telluride to work in several top restaurants, where he also received praise for his skills. After returning to the Bay Area, Ross partnered with his Mom on their first venture, Creating Flavors Catering. With a box of free business cards, they set out to make a go of it. The business grew quickly because of its commitment to quality and fresh seasonal ingredients. “No rubber chicken banquets” was the motto. After about five years, the catering team realized their dream of a restaurant, and using the same approach of fresh, seasonal quality, restaurant James Randall was born in 2006.

Ross is also the mastermind behind our fabulous cocktail recipes. All juices are pressed, squeezed, and blended daily. All spirit infusions are created in-house, including our lineup of bitters. This “cocktail laboratory” is right up Ross’s alley, the perfect outlet for a mad scientist.

Armed with 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, business management, and wine education, Brenda was lucky enough to have a son with a passion for food and a willingness to work with his Mom.


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